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System Introduction - Technology
Learning Chinese online is very easy at Our live Chinese classes are conducted through a interactive, virtual classroom using the Cisco WebEx Training Center software. With the use of webcams, teachers and students can fully interact as though they are in the same room. Teachers share lectures and materials via screensharing, and students can use the whiteboard to provide answers or practice writing Chinese characters. Sessions can even be recorded for later reference.
The following technology is needed for all sessions:
      √ computer
      √ internet access
      √ webcam (built-in or external, optional)
      √ speakers/microphone (built-in or external), or a headset
Before attending your scheduled class, you will want to test your system on the WebEx website. You will be prompted to download/install the WebEx plug-in if you have never attended a WebEx meeting before.

How to start to use our powerful virtual classroom on your online Chinese lessons:

We also suggest using Skype as an audio backup, since some overseas internet connections can be unstable when it comes to audio. If audio ever stops working, we continue our class on the WebEx software, but switch the audio to Skype. It doesn’t cost anything to create a Skype account and all calls between Skype accounts are free. You can download the software here and sign up for an account here.
Download the WebEx Mobile app to attend classes on your iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows 8 phone, BlackBerry, or other mobile device. Approximately 10 minutes before your scheduled class time, your instructor will email you a link to join the meeting. Click this link on your device and it will open up your app and start your class.