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Supplementary Program for Schools
We offer Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) accredited supplementary program.
Designed for schools with Mandarin programs,'s Online Chinese Supplementary Program connects students with our certified teachers in Beijing through our powerful virtual classroom to practice speaking and listening Chinese. Both the format and the content of the supplementary class will be closely linked to the schoolteacher's lesson plans. The learning goal is to consolidate the knowledge that the students have learned in your class, and to improve their speaking and listening abilities through more practice. Therefore, the supplementary program will serve as a customized assistant, purely based on and in conjunction with your teaching material and progress, with a special focus on speaking and listening practice.
Technical Support
A virtual class can begin anywhere and anytime with a computer and internet connection! If multiple students are taking virtual classes at the same time in a classroom setting, headsets need to be provided in order to eliminate distraction.

1. Does every student need a computer?
Yes, even if it is a group session (one teacher to two or three students), each student needs to enter the virtual classroom through his/her own computer so that he/she can communicate and interact with our teacher independently.
2. Can students take the virtual lesson outside of school?
Yes. For 1-on-1 sessions, students can take it anywhere that has a good internet connection.
3. Can students use an iPad for online lessons?
Yes, our virtual classroom is supported with the iPad system.
Lesson Content
The main goal of the supplementary program is to help students practice what they have learned in their Chinese classes at school, and to improve their listening and speaking abilities. This requires our teaching content and activities to follow the school's textbooks that are designed in conjunction with the class' progress in school. A variety of activities and formats will be incorporated in our content to inspire students' interests to communicate with our teachers in Chinese. The following courseware samples show the lesson content we designed for different textbooks, and the instructions of how to use them. The lesson content will also be applied differently according to the specific requirements each schoolteacher has regarding his/her lesson plans.
Chinese Teachers
Misunderstanding: Anyone can teach Chinese as long as he/she can speak Chinese. This is a major misunderstanding! Real-time practice lessons require the teacher to capture the student's level of fluency quickly to guide the student to use his/her newly learned language points, and to expand the conversation skillfully to make it more than a casual chat. All of our teachers have been trained on teaching Chinese as a second language and have obtained a Bachelor's or Master's Degree holding this as his/her major. Furthermore, many of them have been certified to teach Chinese to foreigners. One thing they all have in common is that they are all highly experienced in teaching Chinese in a virtual classroom or in a face-to-face setting.
Free Trial
We now provide two sets of free trial programs to schools:
Set One: Students take the live sessions in your class. For example, if you have a class of 10 students, we can group them into five groups with two students in one group and provide five teachers on our end to practice in the classroom during your regularly scheduled class time. This requires each student to bring his/her own computer, or use the school computer lab. This format allows you to monitor the entire process. Two free trials are provided for this setting's format.
Set Two: Students take the 1-on-1 live sessions at home. Two free trials (25 minutes/50 minutes) are provided for each student participating.

1. Can I choose the free trial set?
Absolutely! We can arrange and modify the sessions according to your needs flexibly. However, we will always recommend, if allowed, to start the trial in a classroom practice setting (Set One) because you can see the effects, and understand the pros and cons. Then we can expand the program to your other classes, or the at-home practice setting.
2. I am interested in the free trials, but cannot guarantee that my school or the parents will buy the program... Can we still participate?
Absolutely! We understand that it is a novel way of practicing Chinese, and it might take a while for the school or the parents to accept this methodology. This is also the reason why we provide free trials. The free trials are available so that the schoolteachers, students and parents can learn more about it in a hands-on way.
Contact Information
Please contact for free trials.