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See How It Works - Online Chinese Classes Recordings
Chinese lessons for high school student
Description: A high school student with primary mandarin level, tried her best to speak as much mandarin as she could to practice conversation with our skillful and patient teacher. The student, with an authentic accent, is a little shy, but has a very good language sense. Our teacher corrected her little mistake gently, she used "yi dianr", but it should be "you dianr", which is a very common mistake among foreign students. Description: A high school student with primary mandarin level did very good job in describing a photo in a slide created by our diligent and devoted teacher. After the student said several sentences, the teacher reminded her to say more using what she has learned, then the student said one more good sentence. Description: A high school student who took UC "a-g" Chinese II course(actually now he is continually taking Chinese III) with us, was always active in class. He was very eager to express himself in Chinese. Our energetic teacher guided him to recall what he had learned, especially a specific word "zhengli", which means "to tidy". Then the teacher used this word to bring in a similar one, "zhengjie", which also means "tidy", but it's an adjective.
How Does It Work? Chinese Tutoring Lesson for ILR Test Chinese Tutoring Lesson for the AP Test
Description: Have fun sessions with our certified native-speaking coaches by internet! Description: Have you heard of the ILR Test? Please check this demo to see how our certified teacher is tutoring a student who wants to take part in the ILR Test. The teacher gives many examples to help the student understand what is being taught and encourages the student to use the vocabulary freely. Description: Our AP tutoring lesson is highly praised by students, parents and teachers, all of which are in charge of the Chinese program in their respective schools. Do you want to know how the program works? Please check out this demo.
Chinese Tutoring Lesson - Directions Chinese Lesson for Beginner - Week Group Chinese Class with 100 Students
Description: Do you think a lesson about "directions" is very hard and possibly even boring? Well, it's not if you take a Chinese lesson with one of our certified and flexible teachers using an effective virtual classroom with a vivid PPT shared. You will soon see just how fun and easy it is! Description: One of our teachers is sharing an Excel file to show a student a table to learn the days of week. The student works very hard to read and learn the words by heart. Description: Wow! How many cute kids do you think are participating in this Chinese lesson with a certified and humorous native Chinese teacher? The answer is 100! Look! You can see how engaged they are in their lessons!
Chinese Lessons for Beginners - How much is it? Chinese Culture - Snack of Beijing Chinese Lesson - Going Shopping 1
Description: How do you express in Chinese properly when you want to buy clothing? Please check out this demo where you can feel just how professional and patient our teacher is! Description: An advanced level student is working with one of our professional and friendly teachers who is introducing the student to a Chinese snack - Spring Rolls. Description: Our professional teacher uses as much Chinese as possible to teach and explain a measure word in a variety of ways to encourage the student to speak on his own.
Chinese Lesson-Terrorism    
Description: Our student is learning the latest hot news.