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News>>Chinese language to be introduced in Saudi schools, universities<
Chinese language to be introduced in Saudi schools, universities
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Saudi Arabia and China on Friday agreed to include the Chinese language in the curriculum (课程)at all stages of education in Saudi schools and universities.

The decision was made on Friday during the visit of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud to the Chinese capital Beijing, said a report by Saudi Press Agency.

In an effort to strengthen(加强)the friendship and cooperation between Saudi Arabia and China and to deepen the strategic partnership at all levels, both sides agreed to include the Chinese language in the curriculum at all stages of education in schools and universities across the country, said the report.

The step comes with a belief in the necessity of strengthening the bonds of cooperation (合作) and communication (交流)in all fields, and enabling a comprehensive strategic partnership to achieve the aspirations of the Saudi and Chinese leaderships. It also aims to increase opportunities between the people from both sides, who have long established relations, it said.

The Chinese language will enhance the cultural diversity (文化多样性)of students in the kingdom, and contribute to achieving the future national goals in the field of education in Vision 2030, the report said.

- Reprinted from Global Times


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