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SpeakMandarin Mobile App: Learning Mandarin Anywhere, Anytime provides the most efficient, convenient and affordable Chinese language learning solution to anyone, anywhere in the world. All teachers are qualified and experienced native Mandarin speakers. All sessions are live and fully interactive. Here you'll find everything you need to learn mandarin Chinese.

The newly launched SpeakMandarin Mobile App brings to you the following four new functions which will make your Mandarin Chinese study more efficient and hassle-free.

1. Various complimentary fun resources, including Follow Film to Learn Chinese, Learn Chinese Characters and etc.
2. Use My Words to memorize vocabulary.
3. Schedule and take sessions via the App on your mobile devices.
4. Improve your Mandarin Chinese skills at a faster pace by practicing, taking quizzes and doing homework through the App.
Please download the Android APP from here first, with the IOS app coming soon.

"It has made a dramatic difference in my speaking ability." - David Snowden

And, your feedback is appreciated. Email us at

APP for iPhone

APP for Android