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ILR Scale Based State Department Chinese Language Test Preparation
What's the ILR test?
The ILR scale for language proficiency tests is widely adopted by the U.S. Department of State, Department of Defense, and more than 80 other government agencies and organizations to classify individuals in respect to his or her oral communication ability in a target language. Mandarin Chinese, as one of the Critical Languages, is in high demand. Passing the level two Chinese language oral exam can provide quicker placement in your dream position. Please click here to test your Chinese level by yourself first.

Participation in the ILR provides organizations and individuals with:
(1) an assured channel of communication and cooperation among agencies that have common interests in foreign language training and testing;
(2) a centralized forum for the dissemination of language-related information across the government;
(3) a working network for the mutual sharing of ideas, information and language resources among organizations in government, the academic community, and the private sector.

Participants meet every month from September to June to attend plenary presentations by an ILR organization or guest speakers, to discuss common interests in topic-specific committees and special interest groups and to network with professional colleagues. Attendance at ILR meetings is open to any interested individual, government or civilian.
What do we offer for ILR test preparation?
As we know, ILR test is a telephone test which means the online lessons we offer exactly right works for it! ILR Chinese language oral exam tutoring service is carefully designed to help you reach your goal. Since we launched our service of the ILR scale based Chinese language test preparation, most of students who received the training from have passed the Chinese language oral exam of level two! We are eager to share our experience with you and help you advance your career quickly!

Tutoring Overview
This is how we ensure that our students improve quickly over a relatively short time:
      √ Mock Test: Mock tests are arranged at the beginning of study to correctly identify student's level. In addition mock tests are spread throughout the lessons to insure students will be familiar with the test procedure before taking the real test.
      √ Session format: 1-on-1 live sessions
      √ Teaching team: All sessions are led by our experienced teachers who have all previously helped students successfully pass the exam. Our learning consultant and primary teaching system ensures that your training is consistent while the variety of the teaching team enables you with the familiarity of different voices.
      √ Materials:'s teaching team collects materials with an emphasis on current events to use as the session's discussion materials. These materials cover a wide range of topics that might appear on your exam. Meanwhile, we require students to provide us with the topics that they are familiar with and those that they want to practice. This guarantees that we know your strengths and weakness' in order to prepare the materials specifically according to your personal needs.
      √ Test tips: Our experience in tutoring for the ILR exam helps us to set up several tips for taking ILR test. Students will be trained to use these tips for the exam.
      √ Session style: All sessions are discussion-driven in order to improve the students' speaking and listening comprehension abilities.
      √ Session process: A large portion of our oral exam tutoring sessions in your training package simulates the exact conditions of the exam that you will encounter.

Who can benefit from the tutoring?
      √ Federal service cleared candidates who want to pass the exam and secure a job offer
      √ Incumbent officers who want to improve his or her Chinese language level for a more challenging career placement
      √ Incumbent officers who want to maintain his or her Chinese level in order to keep a certain career benefit
      √ People who would like to pursue a career in the Federal service and would like to gain Chinese language skills
Sample Exam Preparation Package
We understand that each student is in a different situation and differing training needs. We customize the exam preparation package for each student to meet his or her specific needs. Below you will find some sample packages that our students usually follow.

Package 1: Intensive Training Package
This package is intended for students who have a relatively short period of time to prepare for the exam (typically 1-2 months). These students usually have received some Chinese language training prior to this and have a reasonable amount of vocabulary, including a limited number of words/phrases related to politics, economics, environment, and other seldom-used vocabulary. These students are also able to communicate on the topics that he or she is familiar with, such as biographical information.

The package includes:
      √ 3-4 sessions daily, 50 minutes per session
      √ Homework
      √ Mock exams
      √ Self-taught learning tool for vocabulary memory
      √ Listening material designed for ILR test
      √ Custom training materials
Our ILR training courseware-Hot topics covers many important topics, such as education, environment, social problem, etc. A large selection of training materials is available to help the students' language meet the requirement of ILR test.

Package 2: Standard Training Package
This package is best for those who have relatively less experience in Chinese speaking and listening skills, and thus need more time to build up his or her vocabulary. These students have established basic vocabulary and are able to use typical daily expressions.

First the student will systematically learn the basic Chinese language, then the student will start specific language training and materials for the ILR test. The package includes:
      √ 1-2 session daily, 50 minutes per session (first period)
      √ 3-4 sessions daily, 50 minutes per session (second period)
      √ Basic Chinese language
      √ Homework
      √ Mock exams
      √ Self-taught learning tool for vocabulary memory
      √ Listening material designed for ILR test
      √ Custom training materials
Our ILR training courseware-Current News covers the most tested topics in the ILR test. Students will be able to report the facts of what they have seen recently on television news or read in the newspaper after studying the courseware. Under the careful guidance of our teachers, students will become familiar with the language style of news topics and be prepared for the test.

Your online Chinese teacher at will be glad to help you with locating your level and selecting the appropriate materials. We will be focusing especially on your weak points in order to give you a more efficient and fruitful test prep experience! And we also launched the new function for students to memorize words effectively! Please contact your learning consultant to start with it now.

ILR Test

ILR Test
What did the students said?
We're very familiar with this ILR test and have lots of experiences on it. Until now, has trained dozens of students who passed ILR level 2 test. There are some of their testimonials following:

"I would like to take this opportunity to praise my excellent tutor, Ms. Jenny (SiminTan) and the system Speak Mandarin provides. Attempting to speak Chinese from scratch is a daunting task, usually requiring enrollment in an expensive immersion program abroad; one that I could neither afford nor make the time to attend. I was excited to learn that there was an easy and affordable alternative with Speak Mandarin's website. I have now spent nearly five and a half months, one to three hours a day, five to six days a week with Jenny as my tutor, all from the comfort of my home, on my own schedule, without sacrificing work time. I was immediately impressed at the quality of teaching; I relish not only being able to only converse with my teacher in Chinese, but also knowing that I am speaking with someone who is a native speaker actually working in Beijing.

All this would be for nothing if Speak Mandarin did not have a fantastic system. Their "webinar" based tutoring is great, with lessons taking up your screen and the ability to speak with your tutor in real time. The courseware materials are also available on your personal learning page, making studying simple. Of course, everybody wants to know how much this service costs. The pricing is readily available on the first page, which is extremely competitive. I still am amazed that I am able to afford one-on-one DAILY tutoring with Speak Mandarin, as I was quoted prices nearly four to ten times as high for a local tutor once a week, larger language schools and slower college courses. The customer service department was also able to offer me a competitively priced package for more lessons upon inquiry.

Overall, I am very impressed with Jenny and If you ever wanted to learn Chinese, this is the service to use. XieXie!"
-- Aron Gold, New York

"谢谢你们公司的服务!我已经推荐了不少人找你们学习。我赞同你们公司如下: was incredibly useful to me in my intensive preparation for a number of Federal language tests. The experienced, energetic and knowledgeable tutors I had the pleasure of working with were invaluable to improving my fluency of expression, the accuracy of my diction (a major headache in advanced levels), and the breadth of my subject knowledge. I would not have been successful without their help! Thank you!"
-- Michael S.