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Case Study
Individual Chinese Learners
We've offered the most professional and effective Chinese training to more than 10,000 individual students came from all over the world. We're very familiar with how to improve students' Chinese level in a short time.
Name: Oren Berkowitz
Grade: 8th school students
Chinese learning history: Beginner. Had very little knowledge of Chinese.
Learning content: Integrated Chinese Textbook Level1 Part1
Language improvement: Now Oren generally is able to recognize and correctly pronounce sounds. He can introduce himself to others and conduct greetings in Chinese confidently.

Name: Jim Figueroa
Job: International Content Manager - KBS AMERICA
Chinese learning history: 0 beginner.
Learning content: Basic Standard Chinese
Language improvement: Now Jim has the great pleasure of taking up Chinese. He takes daily classes and has built a solid foundation in Chinese, which would be much helpful for his future career. He said in the review, "I can't believe Mandarin is this easy and fun to learn. But the reason why was simply the teachers are exceptional there."

Name: James
Chinese level before trying James was at an intermediate level and would like to improve his speaking skills to pass ILR 2 test in September.
Learning content: ILR material and practice, Advanced Business Chinese and latest news
Language improvement:He has passed ILR speaking 2 test successfully after finishing 3 months ILR course at Now his Chinese has improved a lot and he has got much more confidence to speak Chinese.

Name: Connie
Chinese level before trying Advanced beginner. She would like to specifically focus on business Chinese and Chinese character recognition.
Learning content: Advanced Business Chinese
Language improvement:Now Connie expresses freely on office talk. She obtains a good understanding of sentence patterns and is able to use them in a wide range of contexts. She understands the main idea of the Chinese commercial documents well and is able to recapitulate, as well as discuss any details.
Learn more testimonials from our individual students from here. And,we encourage you strongly to take a Free Trial Lesson to join us now!
School Program-Use as Teaching Assistant for Chinese Language Class
We're a WASC-accredited school. And, we're now UC-approved provider of online a-g courses!
1. "One-to-Three eTA Project" with Pacific Ridge School An Alternative Solution for Local School Mandarin Chinese Classes with Financial Restraint
"eTA Project" Session Description: Prior to beginning the project, learning consultant from worked closely with Ms. Shirley Chu, the Mandarin Chinese teacher at school, obtaining detailed information of each student in aspects of their current learning levels, language backgrounds, strong/weak points in terms of Mandarin Chinese study, etc. The sessions also feature scenario-based, picture-illuminated real life conversations between coach and students. Besides, relevant culture points have also been immersed into the conversations and instructions.
Language Improvement: In an end-of-program survey, 66.7% of the students have found it an efficient and effective way to practice conversational Mandarin Chinese after class, as well as reinforcing the in-class knowledge. One student pointed out that "it's good to practice 1 on 1 online since I can get enough personal attentions which I could not during classes."
2. offers public online mandarin lessons for the kids come from Maylandsea Community Primary School
The program is aimed at educating around 100 kids, aged 5-7 years, on the Chinese culture and the basics of Chinese language.To enhance learning, Chinese instructors use an online virtual classroom to create a vivid and interactive learning environment for kids. Students communicated with a live Chinese teacher and are taught using pictures, stories, songs and videos. This enables kids to learn about the lives of their peers in China.
3. SpeakMandarin Scholarship for ACTFL members for an online intensive course of live 1-on-1 Chinese lessons
SpeakMandarin Scholarship: offers two scholarships annually for ACTFL members for an online intensive course of live 1-on-1 Chinese lessons, customized to their level, with the certified instructors in Beijing (60 sessions total to be completed within 9 weeks).
Results: 9 ACTFL scholarship winners have successfully completed the intensive course since 2013. Some of them wrote a testimonial about the experience.
"I am LOVING the lessons. I am so grateful for this opportunity. The teachers have been fantastic, and I really enjoy the material we've been going through."
- Anna Woods, scholarship winner in 2015

4. The E-TA Project: Using Technology to Obtain Teaching Chinese Assistants from Abroad
Results: We piloted the E-TA project at Harvey Mudd College for four weeks and achieved excellent results. The survey we conducted after the pilot shows that the students found the experiences at once intense and liberating, challenging and relaxed. As a result, such practices not only improved their proficiency in the course materials, but also gave them more confidence to use the language in real life.
In conclusion, most students agree that the E-TAs from may substitute real Teaching Assistants in foreign language instructions.
5. offered Chinese immersion program for Maylandsea Community Primary School, UK.
Results:, a reputable provider of online Chinese language courses, now offers its Chinese immersion program for Maylandsea Community Primary School, UK. The program is aimed at educating around 100 kids, aged 5-7 years, on the Chinese culture and the basics of Chinese language. The program will be delivered online, with the Chinese instructors being based in Beijing.